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My name is Isabelle. I am a US based book reviewer that grew up in Germany but moved here half of my life ago. I love reading and started reviewing books in 2019 when I signed up for NetGalley in order to make reading a priority in my life again. I struggle with depression and anxiety, and can often see a big difference in my life based on how much I read regularly.

As my next step in being a more serious book reviewer, I started this blog. What better time than in the middle of the chaos that was 2020! Those first few months of blogging showed me what I want to focus on and what my bigger reading goals were in general. For 2021, I re-organized everything and am hoping to be able to help people get more involved in their own reading lives. This blog mostly focuses on my books and reading but I won’t promise that there won’t be other things from my life sneaking in here and there because aside from being a review of books, I am also:

  • an owner of furries (this blog is named after my first love Ivy)
  • a foster of animals
  • a snacker of snacks
  • a maker of masks
  • a crafter of things (sewing and paracord)
  • and hopefully soon – the owner of my own shop!

In 2020, I finally got married to the adorable dude in the above pictures. Sadly, we had to cancel my little dream wedding due to covid but we said screw it and got married last minute on our own front porch. It’s not what I ever thought would happen and sometimes I wonder if we should’ve waited to have a normal wedding but honestly, I just love being married to him now so it’s all good. So far, as far as humans go, it’s just the two of us but hopefully that part of the family will grow soon. We do have a bunch of furry kids in the house that are our own: Ivy (a German Shepherd and the original Shaggy Shepherd this blog is named for), Bucky (we think he’s a Dutch Shepherd but we’ll eventually do a DNA test), and Ghost and Nymeria (two cat siblings we adopted – yes, they’re named after GoT wolves). We love them all despite the trouble they like to get into and they have all been fantastic foster hosts to all the foster dogs and cats that have come through our house.

My favorite genres are fantasy and memoir and I have a feeling that sci-fi is going to move up in my likes as well once I get more of those books read (which is one of my goals for 2021). Eventually, I want the blog to focus mostly on those genres but while I catch up on the ARCs that are waiting for me on NetGalley (don’t act like you’ve never gone on a requesting spree yourself if you’ve been on NG for a while!), there will be other genres reviewed here as well.

Feel free to reach out at any time. I love to chat in writing (I’m an introvert so in person talking can be more challenging hehe) and will answer as soon as I can. We can chat about books, featuring on my blog, animals, crafting, or life in general. If you would like to be featured on the blog, make sure to check out the request pages under the “About” menu.

If you enjoy my blog, please consider supporting me by buying me a cup of tea on ko-fi!

I would also really appreciate everyone checking out my affiliate shop on Bookshop.org: The Shaggy Shepherd. By buying through Bookshop, you are supporting local, independent bookshops, which is especially helpful during this pandemic. You are also supporting me as well if you buy through my links or shop as I get a percentage of every sale as well.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your time on The Shaggy Shepherd!

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