Book Review: The Hunger of the Gods by Joh Gwynne

Series: Bloodsworn Saga (2)

Pub Day: April 12, 2022

Length: 656 pages

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See my review for book 1 of the Bloodsworn Saga here. Get your own copy here.



Lik-Rifa, the dragon god of legend, has been freed from her eternal prison. Now she plots a new age of blood and conquest.

As Orka continues the hunt for her missing son, the Bloodsworn sweep south in a desperate race to save one of their own–and Varg takes the first steps on the path of vengeance.

Elvar has sworn to fulfil her blood oath and rescue a prisoner from the clutches of Lik-Rifa and her dragonborn followers, but first she must persuade the Battle-Grim to follow her. Yet even the might of the Bloodsworn and Battle-Grim cannot stand alone against a dragon god.

Their only hope lies within the mad writings of a chained god. A book of forbidden magic with the power to raise the wolf god Ulfrir from the dead…and bring about a battle that will shake the foundations of the earth.

“Real courage is to feel fear, but to stand and face it, not run from it.”

The Hunger of the Gods


The Hunger of the Gods is an excellent follow up to The Shadow of the Gods. Just like book 1 with its badass cover, this one is just as exciting and makes you want to dive right in. And thanks to the amazing summary in the beginning of the book, I really was able to dive right in without having to reread Shadow first. My super forgetful brain really appreciated that.

John Gwynne really knows how to pull you in and give you just enough to keep you moving along while still taking the time to flesh out his world and its inhabitants. I really liked getting to know some of the characters better but also enjoyed hearing more about the creatures, politics, gods, and… afflictions. It all comes together to form such a good image of the world in your mind.

I recently became a mother myself so naturally my favorite POV to follow was still Orka. She is just such a fierce character that is so exciting to experience. She has the right mixture of loyal, badass, and caring. The involvement of the gods was really exciting in this book as well as they had differing relationships with the characters that were interesting to explore. I do have to say that there were two POVs though that I didn’t quite enjoy as much. One I just didn’t find very believable in terms of the emotions he was feeling (it felt like more of a tell rather than show type of situation) and the other one felt very repetitive throughout the book (he is also a rather annoying and instigating character, which isn’t for me anyways so if that is something you enjoy then you probably won’t be bothered as much as I was). Overall though, each character POV really moved the story forward and gave us a unique way of viewing the events.

And of course Gwynne knew exactly how to finish the book in a way that would leave us yearning for more! I don’t know how we can be expected to wait for the next book after that ending!

About the Author:

John Gwynne is the author of the epic fantasy series The Faithful and the Fallen, Of Blood and Bone and The Bloodsworn Saga. He’s also a Viking re-enactor and enjoys nothing more than standing in the shield wall with his three sons, who are as passionate about swords and axes as he is (when he’s not stuck in his coat of mail; it’s harder than it looks).

He lives on the south coast of the UK with his family and an assortment of animals (at the moment three dogs, a horse and a lamb who thinks she’s a dog).

Find him online at:

Thank you to Orbit for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

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