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Blog Tour Spotlight & Giveaway – Legacy of Light by Matthew Ward

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Hey everyone!

We’re nearing the end of the blog tour for Legacy of Light by Matthew Ward and it finally makes its stop on my blog. I do want to start out by saying that I had every intention of finishing this book and having the review ready for today. Legacy of Light is one of my most anticipated books of the year so I was absolutely thrilled when Matthew Ward asked if I wanted to be a part of this blog tour. OF COURSE!

Sadly,… no, not sadly but… hmmm. I got pregnant and one of the worst symptoms so far is that reading makes me extremely nauseous. I am not sadly pregnant but sadly mostly unable to read. I relistened to the first book, Legacy of Ash, and, for the first time, listened to Legacy of Steel in preparation for this third concluding book of the trilogy and absolutely loved both of them. Book 1 was just as stunning when I revisited it as it was the very first time and book 2 was so much fun to be able to jump right into. If you’re interested in my review for that, click here.

Before I give you some more info about the book itself as well as some quick feelings about the trilogy overall, I want to point you in the direction of some other posts by people involved in this blog tour as well. It was fun to see the variety and I am excited to be able to share them with you. If you’d like to read an excellent guest post by Matthew Ward himself about redemption as a character ARC, check out Justin’s post here. For a Q&A between Dan and the author, click here. And if you are interested in some reviews for Legacy of Light, make sure to go here and here.

Legacy of Light // by Matthew Ward

Book 3 of the Legacy Trilogy

Pub Day: August 19th, 2021

Publisher: Orbit

Length: 704 pages Affiliate Link: You can get your copy of Legacy of Light here.

About the Book:

Warfare, myth and magic collide in Legacy of Light, the spectacular conclusion to Matthew Ward’s acclaimed Legacy trilogy.

For the first time in many years, the Tressian Republic and the Hadari Empire are at peace. But war never sleeps.

In Tregard, Empress Melanna Saranal struggles to protect a throne won at great cost.

In Tressia, Lord Protector Viktor Droshna pursues forbidden power to restore all he’s lost.

As the sins of the past are once more laid bare, every road leads to war. Darkness gathers, alliances shatter and one final battle looms. What hope remains, lies within the light.

My Thoughts about the Series overall:

I have already linked my review for Legacy of Ash above (but here it is again) so I’d just like to give my overall feelings for the series as a whole so far. As I said above, I have read the first two and am now a little bit into the third. One of the things that stands out to me the most whenever I consider this series is how vividly I can picture the landscapes and societies that he portrays. He also somehow instills a loyalty in me that is weirdly conflicting. I love how realistic the feelings of the main characters feel to me and I have become incredibly invested in their battles and goals, which is so confusing. How can you root for both sides so much when sometimes their goals directly conflict with each other and one side winning would mean the other side losing?

I’ve mentioned the interesting inter-family struggles before. While we have moved on from one family, we slowly got to take a closer look at some others, which become such a huge focal point of these stories for a long time (some of those are still ongoing for me as I have not yet finished the last book). It is fun to follow alongside some of the younger members as they grow into themselves and learn to make big decisions. It’s difficult to not be able to advise them to do differently sometimes but such is the fate of an invested book reader.

While I am disappointed with myself about not having finished the last book in time for this blog tour, I also have to be honest and admit that I do enjoy dragging this out a little bit longer as it allows me to stay in this incredible world for a longer time. As always, my thoughts can be rather disjointed but I do hope you leave with the knowledge that this series is incredible and with the desire to buy the entire thing all at once! It is my goal to eventually own signed copies of all three because that is how much I adore this series.

About the Author:

Cat-servant and owner of more musical instruments than he can actually play, Matthew Ward is also the author of Legacy of Ash and Legacy of Steel, architect of Coldharbour, and Creative Consultant on Vermintide 2. He’s afflicted with an obsession for old places – castles, historic cities and the London Underground chief amongst them – and should probably cultivate more interests to help expand out his author biography.

After a decade serving as a principal architect for Games Workshop’s Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 properties, Matthew embarked on an adventure to tell stories set in worlds of his own design. He lives near Nottingham with his extremely patient wife – as well as a pride of attention-seeking cats – and writes to entertain anyone who feels there is not enough magic in the world.

(Bio taken from Matthew Ward’s website, which provides a lot more interesting info on this series and his other endeavors. I especially enjoy his blog! You can also find him on Twitter here.)

This is one of my favorite series not just because of the story itself but because of the covers as well!


If you’ve made it this far in my post… YAY! Thank you so much for following along. I was accidentally sent two copies of Legacy of Light by the awesome team at Orbit so that allows me to now host a giveaway for one of them! I apologize in advance but I am on a budget so I sadly have to restrict it to the US so I can get the media mail shipping rates but I do hope to someday host a Book Depository giveaway internationally again. So make sure to do the following on Twitter and you will be entered in this giveaway!

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And that’s it! For fun, let me know why you’re interested in this series but it is not a requirement. I just like to chat! 🙂 I will choose a winner on September 15th!

Glory in Victory. Fortitude in Defeat.

Honour Always.

Good puppers learning to walk together so it’ll be easy once we have a stroller!

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