Book Review: Skyward Inn by Aliya Whiteley

Skyward Inn // by Aliya Whiteley Pub Day: March 16, 2021 Publisher: Rebellion Publishing Length: 251 pages Affiliate Link: Buy here on Synopsis: Drink down the brew and dream of a better Earth. Skyward Inn, within the high walls of the Western Protectorate, is a place of safety, where people come together to tell stories of... Continue Reading →

Sunday Lineup (03.28.2021)

Happy Sunday everyone! I decided to write this post early today so things may change a little but seeing that I'm planning to do some more housework, I doubt there'll be much of a change. Print The Name of the Wind // by Patrick Rothfuss Update: No surprise to anyone: I'm loving it. This is... Continue Reading →

Sunday Lineup (03.21.2021)

I had planned on writing about the fun weekend I had by myself, browsing my favorite bookstore and reading and eating whatever I wanted, but I'm not feeling so well so I'm just going to make this quick. Print The Name of the Wind // by Patrick Rothfuss Synopsis: Told in Kvothe's own voice, this... Continue Reading →

Sunday Lineup (03.14.2021)

Hello fellow readers! It's the end of the weekend again and of course I'm sad to see it go. I cannot complain though because I've had such a relaxing time these last two days. I got to spend a lot of time reading, which helped me cut down on having so many books going at... Continue Reading →

Sunday Lineup (03.07.2021)

Good evening! I know I almost always start off my Sunday posts with this but.... sadly another weekend is over. I'll be going to sleep right after I post this so I'll make it short. I narrowly avoided a hangover and want to make sure I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning since apparently our... Continue Reading →

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