Toddler Tuesday! (09.29.2020)

What’s new in the children’s book world? Here is what I have found! This first two are actually being published TODAY! While we obviously still have a while to go until Christmas, it’s never too early to get your books ready for the season!

Robin’s Christmas Journey // by Maya Odonera

Publishing Date: TODAY 09.29.2020

Publisher: Clavis Publishing


It’s almost Christmas Eve. Robin wants to celebrate Christmas Day with his grandfather. But Grandpa lives on the other side of the mountain. So, with his backpack and a lot of courage, Robin takes off on an adventure.

My Thoughts:

Robin’s Christmas Journey is a wonderful addition to anybody’s Christmas book lineup! Robin really wants to see his grandpa for Christmas and while the journey is long and dangerous, he is confident that he can make it there in time. I think the length of this book is perfect for a young reader ready for their own adventure or for a parent to read to their young child. This book can teach them perseverance in both real life and as a reader embarking on their first book that isn’t just a few words per page. The illustrations are very cute and keep the experience fun as a reader or listener. Robin has to figure out how to get out of several tricky situations but shows us that with determination we can read what is important to us in the end.

The Stray and the Strangers | CBC Books

The Stray and the Strangers // by Steven Heighton // illustrated by Melissa Iwai

Pub Day: TODAY 09.29.2020

Publisher: House of Anansi Press Inc.


Kanella is a scrawny, nervous stray. One spring day a dinghy filled with weary, desperate strangers comes to shore. Other boats follow, laden with refugees who are homeless and hungry. Kanella knows what that is like, and she follows them as they are taken to a makeshift refugee camp in the parking lot of an abandoned nightclub. There she comes to trust a bearded man — an aid worker. She gradually settles into a contented routine, given shelter like the other refugees who line up for food and sleep on the ground for a few nights before being taken to a much bigger, permanent camp that the aid workers call Mordor.

Kanella grows healthy and confident. She has a job now — to keep watch over the people in her camp.

One day, a little boy arrives and does not leave like the others. He seems to have no family and, like Kanella, he is taken in by the workers. He sleeps on a cot in the food hut, and Kanella keeps him warm and calm. She is ready to defend the boy from them, but they are the his parents, and now he must go with them.

The camp is eventually dismantled, and Kanella finds herself homeless again. Until one night, huddled in the cold, she awakens to see two bright lights shining in her eyes — the headlights of a car. The bearded man has come back for her, and soon Kanella is on a journey, too, to a new home of her own.

My Thoughts:

For me as an adult, this was a very quick read but I think it would be a great book for a younger reader that’s ready to branch out on their own or even read aloud by a parent. Seeing a refugee story from the eyes of a stray dog is interesting and invites your child to a conversation you might otherwise not know how to approach. This books is simple but well done, and I really enjoyed reading it. The illustrations by Iwai are adorable and accompany the story well.

Home - Duffy The Dragon

Duffy the Christmassy Dragon // by Kate Noble // illustrated by Kara Olson

Pub Day: May 30, 2006

Publisher: BooksGoSocial


Duffy the Christmassy Dragon is an adorable story about a dragon that helps Santa save Christmas thanks to the skills that only he possesses.

My Thoughts:

I really loved this story! It is so adorable! It is a great length for a children’s book and the rhythm that carries throughout is very fun. Olson’s illustrations are beautiful and absolutely perfect for this as well.

Pups on the Run!: Hurdle, Hannah, Pruitt, Marissa: 9781733346252: Books

Pups on the Run // by Hannah Beene Hurdle // illustrated by Marissa Pruett

Pub Day: October 01, 2020

Publisher: Doodle and Peck Publishing


Pups on the Run! by Hannah Beene Hurdle is a fun book for young readers. It follows two pups as they go on an adventure and have a super fun day. Once the sun goes down though, they try to find their way home and get a little scared when they get lost. Follow along as they cleverly retrace their steps and come home to a good meal.

My Thoughts:

I have two Christmas books so I figured I should balance those out with two dogs books. This story is simple but engaging for little children and it is accompanied by fun illustrations by Marissa Pruett. If you want an uncomplicated book that focuses on being smart to help yourself out of a tricky situation, then this is perfect.

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That is it for today! Did you read any fun children’s books in the past week, either on NetGalley or with your own littles? I would love to hear about them!

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