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Looking Forward to October!

2020 has been full of beautiful book releases. I decided to start a new monthly post with the book releases that I am looking forward to in the coming month. Since there tend to be SO MANY though, I decided to limit this to only those that I have received ARCs for though. On my... Continue Reading →

Toddler Tuesday! (09.29.2020)

What's new in the children's book world? Here is what I have found! This first two are actually being published TODAY! While we obviously still have a while to go until Christmas, it's never too early to get your books ready for the season! Robin's Christmas Journey // by Maya Odonera Publishing Date: TODAY 09.29.2020... Continue Reading →

Sunday Lineup (09.27.2020)

How is another week already over? And how come weekend days feel so short when work days feel so excruciatingly long? This week, I finished my audiobook of How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. I don't have my review up for that yet. While I did struggle with some of his narrating,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Generation Brave

"I have nothing but excitement for what the world is going to look like. Young people today are putting up with less and less, yet at the same time creating room for more and more, which I think is the best combination." - Sage Grace Dolan-Sandrino Generation Brave - The Gen Z Kids who are... Continue Reading →

Sunday Lineup (09.20.2020)

Another week is ending and back to work it is tomorrow. I did get to finish a couple of books this week, but have a few unfinished ones as well. Last week's audiobooks, Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me, was fabulous(ly sad). It blew me away and I learned so much. The review... Continue Reading →

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