Toddler Tuesday! (08.25.2020)

It’s a new week so here are some more children’s books that I’ve read and enjoyed! I love books that teach a good lesson and this first one is great for that!

Different Like Me // by Xochitl Dixon // illustrated by Bonnie Lui

Publishing Date: August 04, 2020

Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing


God made each of us unique, but sometimes these differences can leave us feeling like a fish out of water. In Different Like Me, follow a diverse group of children as they work together to help a giant fish balloon toward a surprising conclusion that will delight children. Celebrate our differences and uncover what we have in common on this whimsical journey that reminds readers that no matter how different, all of us are a part of God’s wonderful creation.

My Thoughts:

Different Like Me focuses all on the differences between us all, whether those are skin color, hair, language, hobbies, abilities, etc. But at the same time, it also shows us how we have many things in common despite those differences, such as our feelings. It teaches us that every person is special in their own way, whether they are similar or different to someone else. While this book starts and ends with a biblical verse, what I enjoyed about it is that it is a great story with a great lesson whether you are Christian or not. This book is very easily adapted to be used without religion in mind if that is something that is needed. The illustrations are beautiful and really enhance the story as well. For those interested in digging deeper into the theme of this book with their children, there are some great questions at the end of the book to encourage further discussions!

Celebrations Around The World // written and illustrated by Katy Halford

Publishing Date: August 27, 2019

Publisher: DK Children


Embark on an exciting journey through the most interesting and important festivals, celebrations, and holidays enjoyed by people around the world. Stunning original illustrations and fascinating facts will inspire and inform children about cultures and religions from the countries of the world.

Witness a camel marathon in a celebration of the Sahara Desert, and devour some delicious dumplings to celebrate Chinese New Year. Discover why skeletons dance at the Day of the Dead in Mexico, and get messy at Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors.

My Thoughts:

Celebrations around the World by Katy Halford is an illustrated book about different holidays around the world. She teaches us not only about Christian holidays but also about other religions and non-religious holidays, such as the International Festival of the Sahara. The illustrations are pretty and colorful, and keep the reader’s attention. Most of the holidays have four little paragraphs explaining the basics. It’s a fun little starter book to teach your children about other cultures and religions.

Porcupette Finds A Family // by Vanita Oelschlager // illustrated by Mike Blanc

Publishing Date: October 01, 2010

Publisher: Vanita Books


Porcupette Finds a Family, is a story about how a baby porcupine (called a porcupette) finds a new family after losing his mother. He wants to have an attachment to the bear family he finds, but is afraid his “bear” mother and “bear” brother and sister will leave him too. This causes him to act out his fears in ways that jeopardize acceptance from his adopted family. However, with the understanding and help of Mother Bear, Porcupette finally accepts that he is truly loved and wanted despite, or maybe because of, his differences.

My Thoughts:

Fostering and Adoption are subjects very close to my heart. Porcupette Finds a Family by Vanita Oelschlager is a beautifully illustrated book about a baby porcupine (called Porcupette) that lost her mother and searches for a new family. But new families can be scary so she acts out in her fear. Her new bear mother though shows her the love that is needed to bring her back to her new family. This is a great book to share with your biological children to explain the concept of fostering and adopting as well as with foster and adopted children to help them handle the challenges in their own lives.

To this date, this is still one of my favorite children’s books that I have received through NetGalley. I have wanted to foster for years and finally feel like we are getting closer to this now that we are married. There are some organizations in our area that require us to be married for a year before we can start fostering so now we have an actual date to look forward to on getting this process started. I am glad there are books like this out there that will help with the conversations that I know will happen eventually if we embark on this journey.

Jane Goodall // by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara // illustrated by Beatrice Cerocchi

Publishing Date: August 06, 2019

Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group – Frances Lincoln Children’s Books


When Jane was little, her father gave her a toy chimpanzee named Jubilee. This inspired her lifelong love of animals, and she went to study them in the wild as soon as she could. Jane lived with chimpanzees in their natural habitat and became famous for her pioneering approach to research. She now educates the public on animal rights. 

My Thoughts:

Jane Goodall by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara is another great book of hers in this series that I am glad I got to enjoy. As an animal lover I heard all about Jane Goodall in school and this will be a fun way to teach children about this role model that stands up for what is right for nature and it’s inhabitants.

Thank you to the authors, publishers, and NetGalley for providing me with free copies in exchange for honest reviews!

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